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1. What is VIPKid Six Apple Program?
We have grown to realize that although we provide the VIPKid platform, there is so much more we can do to contribute to the changing world of online teaching. VIPKid Six Apple Program includes four layers, reached through Points accumulated in four distinct areas. The more points you have in a Season, the more layers you can access—meaning even more perks.
2. What perks are available through VIPKid Six Apple Program?

Our list of perks is always growing, so be sure to visit the VIPKid Six Apple Program page to see what perks are available to you.

3. What are the different layers of perks and how many Points do I need to access each layer?
Points Range
0 - 199
200 - 2999
In the last month of each season, your Class Completion Rate must be >=95%
3000 - 5999
In the last month of each season, your Class Completion Rate must be >=95%
In the last month of each season, your Class Completion Rate must be >=95%

Check my Class Finish rate: Home page navigation bar -> My Info -> Stats

4. Seasons explained

Your new layer of perks are calculated on Adjustment Days, and will be based on the data from the previous Season.

Adjustment Days
January 10
July 1 - December 31
April 10
October 1 - March 31
July 10
January 1 - June 30
October 10
April 1 - September 30
5. How to Earn Points?

You can earn points the following ways:

Open PPT Slots

PPT slots are our most popular time slots, at 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, and 8:30 p.m. (Beijing Time). If your PPT slot gets booked or expires, you will earn 2 Points.

As Scheduled Classes

You will earn 4 Points for each As Scheduled class.

Receive manual 5-apple Parent Feedback

For each piece of manual 5-apple Parent Feedback that you receive, you will earn 2 Points. Automatic feedback does not count.

Have Recurring Students

For each recurring student, you will earn 1 Point. Recurring Students refers to the number of students who have taken more than 4 classes with you in the past 30 days minus the number of students who set you as their regular teacher.

Convert Trial Students into Regular Students

For each trial student that you successfully converted, you will earn 5 Points.
A successfully converted trial student means your Trial has an "As Scheduled" finish type, your teacher CF is entered <24 hours afterward, and your student signs up for more VIPKid classes.

Make Referrals

For each teacher that you successfully refer, you will earn 10 Points.
A successful referral means that the teacher you referred finished his/her first class with a finish type of "As scheduled".

Obtain a Trial Certificate

You will be awarded 20 Points for each Trial Certificate you have. Trial Certificates include MC Trial 3.0, MC Trial 3.0 Plus, and L1 & L2 Plus Trial.

Obtain a Major Course Certificate

You will be awarded 10 Points for each Major Course Certificate you have. Major Course Certificates include L1 - L8+, and New iMC-L1.

Participate in Builders Programs

For each Builders Program you participate in, you will earn 10 Points.

Attend Events

If you attend or host a teacher event and successfully scan the QR code in your app, you will earn 1 Point.

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