How Does Teaching with VIPKid Work?
VIPKid allows you to earn money, while inspiring young minds—all from the comfort of home and on your schedule. Find out how teaching with VIPKid can work for you.
Teaching with VIPKid in 3 Steps
  • Pick Hours. Get Booked.
    Work when you want, where you want—with no commitment or minimum hours.
  • One Student. One Curriculum.
    Teach one-on-one with students in China using our platform and custom curriculum.
  • Get Paid. Make a Change.
    Earn a flexible income through VIPKid and make an impact in a child’s life—and your own!
How do I get started?
It’s simple.
First sign up to create an account with VIPKid. Then complete some basic questions. You’ll be on your way to learning more about teaching online, and teaching with VIPKid.
Raise Your Hand if You Have Questions…
What is the application process to teach with VIPKid?
How much can I earn?
What kind of commitment is there?
Do I need to be able to speak Chinese?
If you don’t see your question, please check out our FAQs here or contact us at
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