Learn how to use the Power Slots Guild
What is the Power Slots Guild?
The Power Slots Guild, or “the Guild” as we like to call it, is an exclusive club you can join in order to use your tokens to increase your chances of being booked by purchasing Power Slots.
What are Power Slots and gems?
When students finish a class with a teacher whose time slot was a Power Slot, they are rewarded with gems, which are the students’ version of tokens. Gems can be redeemed for special rewards on the Student Portal.
Here’s what you need to know about the Power Slots Guild main page
  • Activity Type
Sponsored Power Slots: VIPKid will sponsor a number of Power Slots for you along with the slots you get when paying the admission fee with tokens. 

Self-funded Power Slots: The number of Power Slots you get will be determined by how many you get when paying the admission fee with tokens.

  • Activity Time
All booked and finished classes must be within the activity time, so be sure to use all your Power Slots!

  • Number of Power Slots
How many Power Slots you can have for this activity.

  • Gems-per-slot
This is the number of gems that the student will receive upon finishing the class.

  • Total Cost of Gems 
How many gems (tokens) your Power Slots cost for this activity.
  • Gems You Must Pay
How many gems (tokens) you need to pay to join this activity. You can also check how many tokens you have now
What’s the timeline for each activity?
Each Power Slots Guild activity will have three stages.
  • Joining the Guild
You join the Guild by paying the admission fee in tokens. This will grant you access to that Guild activity, and give you access to the Power Slots.

  • Activity period
Parents are always informed about each new activity, so they will be ready to look for Power Slots!
  • Activity review
At the end of a Guild activity, we will see how many bookings you got thanks to your Power Slots. If a few of them were not booked, we will refund those tokens to you.
How can I check my progress?
Once you join the activity you can track your progress. You can see how many Power Slots you have, and how many have been booked. You can also see how many Power Slots have been finished, which means how gems have been given to your students.
You can also check the class details below.
What does a student need to do in order to get gems?
There are four Finish Types that will allow students to get their gems:
    1. As Scheduled
    2. Teacher IT Problem
    3.Teacher No Show

Students can still receive their gems if the class is interrupted due to a System IT Problem. VIPKid will cover this part for you if that happens.

Since Power Slots are very popular among students you should be prepared that once opened, that slot has a very high chance of being booked. Therefore, you should only open slots that you are sure you will be able to teach.

We hope you will enjoy the Power Slots Guild, and gain an increase in bookings!
Q: Is joining the Power Slots Guild permanent?

No. For each new Power Slots Guild activity, participants are expected to pay the admission fee. 

Q: What’s the exchange rate between gemstones and tokens?

1 token = 5 gems

Q: Who can join a Power Slots Guild activity?

Each Power Slots Guild activity will have a different set of conditions, meaning that you may not be able to join all of them.

Q: Why are there two types of activities: Sponsored Power Slots and Self-funded Power Slots?

Whether an activity will be sponsored by us or not depends on many factors, especially what season it is.  

Q: Why did you launch this function to begin with?

We know that it can be a challenge to get bookings as a new teacher. The Power Slots Guild encourages parents to book your classes since students love teachers with Power Slots! We hope it can be a great tool guild for you to make more bookings.

Q: Why did you change the admission fee and gems from the last Guild activity?

How many gems for each slot and how many slots you will have is based on your days with VIPKid and your total number of finished bookings. Our aim is to make it easier for newer teachers.

Q: When will you return the tokens to me if not all the slots have been booked?

The third day after the Power Slots Guild activity has ended.

Q: If I missed the Registration Period, can I still join the activity?

Unfortunately no. If you miss joining before the deadline, please wait until the next activity.